Hyperspectral Imaging Systems for Forensics, Threat Detection and Innovation

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., ChemImage Corporation produces revolutionary Hyperspectral Imaging instrumentation and software for chemical and biological applications in numerous global industries, including forensics, threat detection, pharmaceuticals and anatomic pathology.

Whether you need to discriminate forensic evidence, detect chemical or biological threats, advance your drug to the next phase of development or evaluate different diagnostic dilemmas in cancer, ChemImage products can help you hurdle some of your biggest challenges in the lab, in the field or in the marketplace.

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HSI Examiner Product Series

The HSI Examiner™ 200 QD
for questioned & security Documents

This product combines high-resolution spectral imaging, dynamic software, intuitive workspace management tools and a wide range of optional accessories such as reference databases, microscopes and ICAO readers to create a truly comprehensive document examination system.


May. 4-9:
SPIE Defense and Security Symposium (DSS)
Baltimore, Maryland
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2014 Scientific Meetings and Trade Shows

NEW Product Introduction


HSI Examiner 50

Introducing HSI Examiner™ 50

The HSI Examiner™ 50 builds on the ease of use, speed and functionality found in the HSI Examiner™ product series. This system combines high-resolution digital imaging and precise spectral data collection for fast and accurate discrimination in a wide range of forensic applications, such as authentication of travel documents and currency, examination of covert security features and watermarks, detection of alterations and forgeries, exposure of concealed or obliterated information. Incorporated into this innovative instrument is ChemImage’s single multi-conjugate filter to improve the examination these features. By expanding the HSI Examiner™ family of products, ChemImage now offers a comprehensive range of hyperspectral imaging instrumentation for forensic document analysis.