ChemImage Divisions Have Leaders At The Helm

From top to bottom across the scope of our organization, our people are pioneers of the Chemical Imaging Industry. Our divisions work together in concert to support our common purpose: to leverage our expertise to make a positive impact on the world through Chemical Imaging technology.

Our goal is to advance the knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical science and ingredient-specific particle sizing, threat detection, biomedicine, and forensics through the application of our core technology.

Please take a moment to meet Our Division leaders

Executive Management
Our executive management team represents decades of experience in Chemical Imaging, engineering, research and materials science—perhaps one of the most “hands-on” management teams you’ll ever encounter.
Our applications leaders are experts in bridging the gap between advanced Chemical Imaging technology and real-world application and value.
Knowing how Chemical Imaging technology works and then making it work for real-world users comes standard with our engineers.
Imaging Technology
You need look no further than the hundreds of Patents and Patents pending to understand why our team represents the very best Chemical Imaging talent available.
  Research & Development
Our significantly credentialed team constantly seeks the next great advance or leap forward in applying Chemical Imaging technology to real-world applications.
Sales & Marketing
Our sales and marketing team are also students of science—giving us a leg up when it comes to producing materials and communications that speak to our core audiences.