A New Vision of Biomedical Imaging

Raman Molecular ImagingChemImage’s Raman Molecular Imaging (RMI) approach enables objective assessment of tissues and cells without the use of stains or reagents. Our advanced imaging techniques result in what we call a "digital stain", a chemometric image of tissue that we can interpret using computational science as well as visual observation. This technology provides a significant advantage across the scope of pathological study.


Applications Include:

Raman Molecular Imaging Provides:

  • Molecular specificity
  • Sensitivity to subtle molecular differences
  • Measurement of Raman signals from the molecular constituents of a sample without reagents
  • Measurements that are spatially localized within a given sample

Raman molecular images are acquired from tissue samples illuminated by a laser in a microscope. The images are analyzed using chemometric-based classification algorithms to objectively classify the sample in terms of disease state. RMI for biomedical imaging can be applied to a number of specific health-related cellular challenges.