Latent FINGERPrint Analysis

Treated Latent Print on Counterfeit Bill

Digital Image of Latent Print of Counterfeit Bill
Digital Image

Hyperspectral Image of Latent Print on Counterfeit Bill
Hyperspectral Image

Reproduced with permission from the US Secret Service

ChemImage’s HSI Examiner™ 1000 utilizes liquid crystal-based technology to enhance contrast and improve the visualization of latent fingerprints in comparison to conventional methods. This technology makes possible improved latent fingerprint detection, especially on complex, patterned or otherwise interfering backgrounds.

The HSI Examiner™ 1000 Provides:

  • Superior detection and contrast enhancement capabilities
  • A spectrum associated with each pixel in the image
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Nondestructive analysis
  • Powerful image analysis software package
  • Optimized image contrast against complex backgrounds
  • Accurate, reliable, courtroom-friendly results

Images captured through traditional photography are collected at one specific color, with a single barrier filter. With hyperspectral imaging, the use of a liquid crystal-based technology replaces barrier filters with a software-controlled tunable filter. By combining standard digital imaging techniques with common spectroscopic methods, our technology provides increased sensitivity and enhanced fingerprint-to-substrate contrast.


This hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system and software package is designed for a wide array of analyses for large forensic laboratories. Combining digital imaging with spectroscopy, the HSI Examiner 1000 will utilize proven image processing techniques to enhance material contrast and remove substrate interference—making it easier for detailed analysis of a variety of evidence.

HSI Examiner 1000