Questioned Document Examination

Altered Date on Check

Digital Image of Latent Print of Counterfeit Bill
Digital Image

Hyperspectral Image of Latent Print on Counterfeit Bill
Colored Hyperspectral Image



ChemImage understands that forensic document examiners are faced with a growing number of challenges today including: forgeries, alterations, image and page substitution, and hidden security features in printing technology. In response to these challenges, we have designed and developed the HSI Examiner Product Series.

Hyperspectral imaging provides superior ink discrimination, in comparison to conventional imaging technology, giving examiners greater confidence in the validity and accuracy of their results. Because hyperspectral imaging is a nondestructive technique, the sample is preserved for subsequent chemical analysis.


  • Superior discrimination, detection and visualization capabilities
  • A spectrum associated with each pixel in the image
  • Nondestructive analysis
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Visible, Near-IR, and Fluorescence imaging
  • Movie-like data output
  • Accurate, reliable, validated
  • Courtroom-friendly results

Using the HSI Examiner Product Series, questioned document examination has never been more straightforward for identification and characterization of forgeries, alterations, counterfeit documents and/or various security features such as watermarks, invisible writing, and more.

The HSI Examiner™ 50

For forensic document analysis

Incorporated into this innovative instrument is ChemImage’s single multi-conjugate filter to improve the examination these features. This product uses proven spectral processing techniques to enhance document alterations and advanced feature measurement tools for highlighting regions of interest. The image overlay, strobe and rotation comparison tools provide enhanced document examination. The audit trail recording and case note annotation to track evidence processing and feature identification makes this instrument an exceptional documentation examination tool.

The HSI Examiner QD 100
The HSI Examiner™ 100 QD

For hyperspectral imaging of questioned documents

Designed specifically for forensic document examiners, this easy-to-use platform provides examiners with superior sensitivity and ink discrimination capabilities for reproducible, reliable hyperspectral imaging results.

The HSI Examiner QD 100
The HSI Examiner™ 200 QD

For questioned & security document examination

This product combines high-resolution spectral imaging, dynamic software, intuitive workspace management tools and a wide range of optional accessories such as reference databases, microscopes and ICAO readers to create a truly comprehensive document examination system.

The HSI Examiner QD 100


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