Innovative Products to Benefit Your Market

ChemImage technology and products for Hyperspectral, Raman, Fluorescence, Near-IR and Visible imaging are wide-ranging and far-reaching in their ability to produce results that propel science and industry forward. The information obtained through our state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation helps our customers get the analysis and conclusions they need to make a real difference whether it's in the lab, courtroom or on the front lines.

Anatomic pathology R&D
Our advanced imaging techniques result in what we call a "digital stain"—a chemometric image of tissue that we can interpret using computational science as well as visual observation.
  Forensic Analysis
Our forensic instrumentation offers hyperspectral imaging technology that provides you with increased discrimination and visualization capabilities that won’t destroy your evidence.
Pharmaceutical R&D
ChemImage instrumentation can reveal vital information that can help improve product quality, cost-effectiveness, and time savings for drug research, development and formulation.
  Stand-Off tHREAT detection
Working in collaboration with the government, ChemImage is creating customized solutions that include significant advances in hazardous material detection—all without the use of reagents.