Content Uniformity

Example: Pharmaceutical Tablet

Content Uniformity of Pharmaceutical Tablet

Figure 1. (Top) Brightfield Reflectance Image of tablet region of interest. (Middle) Raman surface relief of the tablet region of interest illustrating the distribution of aspirin. (Bottom) LCTF Raman spectra of three regions located in the Raman surface relief image.

ChemImage chemical imaging instrumentation instrumentation provides an efficient, nondestructive method for probing molecular composition of pharmaceutical tablets. Unlike bulk spectroscopy which is ineffective for measuring the heterogeneous distribution of active ingredients within tablets, ChemImage wide-field Raman chemical imaging (RCI) provides the information you need by merging digital imaging with spectroscopy to provide a powerful technique for the analysis of oral drug tablets, semi-solid creams and gels, and medical or transdermal drug

Raman Chemical Imaging Provides:

  • Powerful Quality Monitoring Tool
  • Visualize Spatial Distribution of Active Ingredients
  • High Quality Images with Chemical Contrast in Seconds to Minutes

With ChemImage RCI you get faster, more accurate results than bulk spectroscopy, optical microscopy and other methods combined. This in vitro test method reduces time, increases reproducibility and precision in addition to being cost-effective. With ChemImage wide-field RCI you can reduce development costs, speed up the approvals of new and abbreviated drug applications and have greater confidence in your application advancements.