Controlled Release

Example: Controlled Release Bead

Controlled Release Bead
Figure 1. (A) Brightfield Reflection / RCI fusion image of a controlled release bead (B) RCI of the outer coating layer.





ChemImage chemical imaging instrumentation provide an effective method for testing complex or simple controlled release systems. Our Raman chemical imaging (RCI) technology facilitates a better understanding of the formulation design and manufacturing process for improved product performance. Rich spectral and spatial information is obtained from your samples to characterize complex multi-layered beads, tablets, or medical devices used for controlled, sustained or timed release drug delivery associated with coating manufacturing.

Raman Chemical Imaging Provides:

  • Rich spectral and spatial information
  • Manufacturing process understanding for controlled drug delivery applications
  • Fast and specific characterization of complex systems

When dealing with controlled release systems, optical microscopy many times does not provide the necessary direct visualization needed because of the lack of contrast between components. With ChemImage RCI you can obtain a visual representation based on the specific characterization of complex systems to help you with your controlled drug delivery systems such as solid oral drugs, medical and transdermal drug devices.