Innovations in Threat Detection Technology
and Counter IED.

ChemImage is a proven leader in providing Chemical Imaging based optical sensors that can rapidly and accurately detect and identify a wide variety of hazardous materials. ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) (a ChemImage subsidiary) develops innovative products that utilize proprietary chemical imaging technologies to address the challenges associated with chemical, biological, and explosive (CBE) threat detection and counter IED. CISS has developed a portfolio of chemical imaging sensors for proximity, remote, and standoff threat detection in fixed site, on-the-move and handheld sensor configurations. Learn more.

Working in collaboration with several U.S. Government agencies, CISS has demonstrated hazardous material detection systems without the use of reagents. CISS products provide advanced capability for CBE detection in point, proximity, remote and standoff detection.

Threat Applications Include:

CISS Threat Detection Technology:

  • Provides ability to identify multiple threat agents simultaneously in a non-contact mode
  • Adaptable to chemical, biological and explosive threats
  • Delivers threat detection sensitivity without low false alarm rates by using sensor fusion concepts
  • Based on photonics technology which can be configured to minimize size, weight and power consumption
  • Developed and validated in close concert with US Government agencies
  • Claims of performance are based on objective measures, including government managed validation studies and/or consensus standards
  • Exploits a comprehensive signature library for discrimination of hoaxes and threats