Chemical Imaging Technology for Detecting Biological Agents

Point Detection of BG in Complex Background

Optical Image of Biological Threat
Optical Image
Raman Chemical Image of Biological Threat
Raman Chemical Image

Chemical Imaging combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging, and has been demonstrated for rapid, non-contact optical sensing of biological agents without the use of reagents or enhancements. Conventional means of detecting and identifying biological agents using reagent-based tools, including immunoassay, genetic markers or cell culturing, are fundamentally slow or too costly, due to the reliance on expensive consumables.

Why Use Chemical Imaging Technology for Biological Agent Detection?

  • Detect and identify without reagents
  • Detect multiple threat agents simultaneously on complex surfaces
  • Use multiple, independent detection strategies to reduce false alarms
  • Detect in real-time; answer in minutes, not days
  • Miniaturizable and fieldable in hardened configurations
  • Exploit a comprehensive, upgradeable signature library for discrimination of hoaxes and threats

Available Capability

ChemImage Sensor Systems, in partnership with the US Government, has developed and validated biological agent detection sensors that operate in point, proximity, remote and standoff modes. Please contact ChemImage Sensor Systems for additional information.