Gateway Analytical Now Offers Foreign Particulate Testing for Cytotoxic Pharmaceutical Products


Analytical testing laboratory now provides fast, accurate and reliable cytotoxic testing services for the global pharmaceutical industry.

Pittsburgh, PA (December 12, 2016) - Gateway Analytical, one of the world's most trusted particle identification and characterization laboratories, now offers complete foreign particulate testing, identification and analysis services for cytotoxic drug products. The new service is available immediately.

The addition of cytotoxic testing capabilities complements the analytical laboratory's commitment to providing the most comprehensive array of foreign particulate testing and analysis services available to pharmaceutical customers around the world.

David Exline, founder and president of Gateway Analytical, says that Gateway is the right choice to provide solutions for cytotoxic foreign particulate. "Foreign particulate matter found in cytotoxic drug products can pose a serious risk to end-users and result in costly recalls to drug manufacturers. Despite this, very few analytical labs are equipped to properly handle and test cytotoxic materials for foreign particulate matter, and none have the combination of facilities and expertise that Gateway can offer."

The services are a part of Gateway's continuing growth and expansion. The company's recent relocation to a new, larger facility allowed for the construction of a dedicated cytotoxic testing facility. The company can safely and efficiently provide foreign particulate testing service for cytotoxic drug products in the research and development phase, clinical trial phase and through production.

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