ChemImage Sensor Systems Presents Mail Screening Technology Innovations at the SciX 2016 Conference


PITTSBURGH, September 21, 2016 — ChemImage Sensor Systems announces that Robert Schweitzer, Ph.D, Lead Algorithm Scientist, will present innovative results of the company's work in developing chemical imaging analysis for the detection and identification of contraband materials found in the mail. These results will be discussed during the Great Scientific Exchange (SciX) 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Schweitzer's poster presentation entitled, "Automated Chemical Imaging Analysis for the Identification of Drugs at Correctional Facilities" is a part of the Chemometrics poster session and will be on display on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 from 11:00am – 12:00pm in the Exhibit Hall. The poster presents the work led by Dr. Schweitzer in which chemometric tools are used to separate the drug signal from the background of mail signals combined with spectral library searching tools to enable high confidence presumptive identification of the unknown drug materials. Dr. Schweitzer will be available for questions and discussion during the scheduled session with an additional viewing time scheduled from 3:00-3:50pm that afternoon.

Correctional facilities have instituted various policies and procedures for inspecting incoming mail due to the problem of concealed drugs. Human inspection is the most common form of mail inspection, but is a tedious and repetitive process and is thereby naturally prone to inconsistencies. To further complicate matters, the stringent restrictions that many institutions are placing on the types of items that can be sent to the inmates are resulting in lawsuits from inmates. The VeroVision™ Mail Screener product was introduced to address the various challenges associated with preventing drugs from entering the corrections facilities through the mail.

"A problem of increasing scope for correctional facilities is the sending of drugs concealed in envelopes, letters, greeting cards, and business cards to inmates. Near infrared (NIR) chemical imaging sensors can be applied to the automated detection of drugs concealed in prison mail streams. Once detected, additional full wavelength spectral techniques can be used to identify the particular drug," explains Dr. Schweitzer. "This data can be processed using the chemometric methods that we present and can provide for matches against a library of known drugs - using the same instrument used for the screening."

"The VeroVision Mail Screener capitalizes on the sensor's ability to rapidly scan a wide area and detect contraband materials, allowing the vast majority of the 'clean' mail to be scanned and distributed to inmates within policy guidelines," said Matthew P. Nelson, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at ChemImage Sensor Systems. "Our team is excited to discuss this technology with the SciX community."

The SciX conference is presented by the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) which was founded in 1973 as a Federation of member organizations for the exchange of ideas at the forefront of disseminating technical information dealing with the applied, pure, or natural sciences.

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