Products & Services

The markets we serve are vast, intelligent, ever-changing disciplines that rely on the latest technology, techniques and training to stay one step ahead of the competition. From ingredient-specific particle sizing and determining bio-equivalence, to anatomical pathology, forensics, even biothreat and explosives detection—the people we serve push the envelope of discovery every single day.

ChemImage has developed a complete suite of hyperspectral and chemical imaging products, chemical imaging software, consulting services and in-depth training to provide accessible, nimble solutions suited to your individual chemical imaging demands.

Analytical Services
ChemImage offers analytical testing services though Gateway Analytical a full service analytical testing laboratory with wide array of standard and advanced testing techniques for applications in pharmaceutical testing, materials characterization, medical device testing and forensic investigations.

ChemImage offers a wide range of products that provide hyperspectral imaging, chemical imaging, Raman, fluorescence, near-IR and visible imaging for a number of application in the forensic imaging and threat detection industries.
ChemImage software powers our instrumentation, providing precise instrument control, combined with intuitive visualization and analysis to give you the ability to collect distinct image data sets.
Our training programs and short courses are hands-on, practical studies of the dynamic imaging technology our customers use everyday.