The HSI Examiner™ Product Series

For forensic hyperspectral imaging of questioned documents, latent prints, bloodstain analysis and more—ChemImage offers the HSI Examiner series of imaging systems and software. No matter what your forensic examination need, there's an HSI Examiner product that's right for your lab.

HSI Examiner 50

Introducing HSI Examiner™ 50

For Forensic Document Analysis

Hyperspectral imaging ideal for:

  • Authenticate travel documents and currency
  • Examine covert security features and watermarks
  • Detect alterations and forgeries
  • Exposes concealed or obliterated information
  • Magnetic ink character reading

Incorporated into this innovative instrument is ChemImage’s single multi-conjugate filter to improve the examination these features. This product uses proven spectral processing techniques to enhance document alterations and advanced feature measurement tools for highlighting regions of interest. The image overlay, strobe and rotation comparison tools provide enhanced document examination. The audit trail recording and case note annotation to track evidence processing and feature identification makes this instrument an exceptional documentation examination tool.

HSI Examiner 100 QD

HSI Examiner™ 100 QD

For Questioned Document Examination

Hyperspectral imaging ideal for:

  • Ink analysis and discrimination
  • Detection of alterations or forgeries
  • Identification of concealed or obliterated information
  • Imaging of TLC plates
  • Visualization of watermarks

Ideal for casework, our base system software is easy-to-use and provides fast, efficient image analysis featuring movie-like controls to review, identify and select images with the highest contrast differences.

HSI Examiner 200 QD

HSI Examiner™ 200 QD

For Questioned & Security Document Examination

(New Release)

Hyperspectral imaging ideal for:

  • Examination of covert security features
  • Authentication of travel documents and currency
  • Printed ink comparison and document authentication
  • Detection of alterations and counterfeits
  • Revealing concealed or obliterated information
  • Advanced imaging of TLC plates

This product combines high-resolution spectral imaging, dynamic software, intuitive workspace management tools and a wide range of optional accessories such as reference databases, microscopes and ICAO readers to create a truly comprehensive document examination system.

HSI Examiner 1000 QD

HSI Examiner™ 1000

For Body Fluid Visualization, Latent Print Analysis & Trace Evidence Examination

Hyperspectral imaging ideal for:

  • Enhancing contrast for hard-to-detect latent prints
  • Characterizing ignitable liquid residue
  • Visualizing bloodstain, spatter & transferred stains
  • Analyzing gun powder patterns
  • Spectral and visual comparisons of physical trace evidence

Ideal for large or bulky items and a wide array of forensic analyses, this product combines hyperspectral imaging with easy-to-use software allowing you to enhance contrast, minimizes substrate interference and painstakingly reveals critical information that makes the case.

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