The HSI Examiner™ 1000

This hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system and software package are designed for a wide array of analyses for large forensic laboratories. Combining digital imaging with spectroscopy, the HSI Examiner 1000 will utilize proven image processing techniques to enhance material contrast and remove substrate interference—making it easier for detailed analysis of a variety of evidence.

Applications Include

  • Compare trace evidence visually and spectrally (tape, fabric, polymers, OC sprays, GSR, etc.)
  • Enhance contrast of latent prints on challenging substrates
  • Visualize blood spatter and transfer stains on dark substrates
  • Visualize and characterize ignitable liquid residue patterns, even on aged evidence samples
  • Visualize gun powder residue patterns

Benefits & Advantages

  • Nondestructive sample analysis
  • Large sample compartment ideal for large or bulky items
  • Material specific visualization enabling the analysis of patterns (GSR, blood spatter, etc.)
  • Superior spectral resolution provides high material contrast for better image quality
  • Easy-to-use software features icon driven interface, workspace management, and audit trail
  • Export HSI files as movies for dynamic courtroom presentation

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