The HSI Examiner™ 200 QD

Introducing the hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system and software package designed to be the ultimate forensic document examination tool. With greater sensitivity to forgeries and alterations, streamlined-yet-powerful analytical tools and software, plus a host of visual and document imaging accessories—the HSI Examiner 200 QD collects images up two times faster than video spectral analysis systems. All this, plus access to optional integrated bank note and document databases, and this system truly becomes a comprehensive document examination workstation.

Applications Include

  • Examination of covert security features and watermarks
  • Authentication of travel documents and currency (comparison database available)
  • Printed ink comparison and document authentication
  • Detection of alterations and counterfeits
  • Revealing concealed or obliterated information
  • Advanced imaging of TLC plates

Benefits & Advantages

  • Obtains images 2X faster than video spectral analysis-based instruments
  • HSI provides superior ink & document discrimination capabilities
  • High resolution HSI from UV to IR using reflectance, absorbance, transmittance & fluorescence
  • Easy-to-use software features icon driven interface, workspace management, and audit trail
  • Feature measurement and annotation tools for document authentication
  • Dynamic evidence comparison tools and region-of-interest targeting
  • Export HSI files as movies for dynamic courtroom presentation
  • Comprehensive imaging capabilities for quick verification of travel and ID documents
  • High magnification digital microscope and document scanning accessories available

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