HSI Examiner™ 50

Introducing the HSI Examiner™ 50 imaging system and software package designed for efficient and fast document examination. This system provides the user with greater sensitivity for identifying and revealing forgeries and alterations, while providing a large suite of software imaging capabilities for any other necessary image analysis, all at a fraction of the cost.

Applications Include

  • Authenticate travel documents and currency
  • Examine covert security features and watermarks
  • Detect alterations and forgeries
  • Exposes concealed or obliterated information
  • Magnetic ink character reading

Benefits & Advantages

  • Obtains images 2X faster than video spectral analysis-based instruments
  • HSI provides superior ink & document discrimination capabilities
  • High resolution HSI from UV to IR using reflectance, absorbance, transmittance & fluorescence
  • Easy-to-use software features icon driven interface, workspace management, and audit trail
  • Feature measurement and annotation tools for document authentication
  • Dynamic evidence comparison tools and region-of-interest targeting
  • Comprehensive imaging capabilities for quick verification of travel and ID documents
  • High magnification digital microscope and document scanning accessories available

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