FALCON II™ Wide-Field Raman Chemical Imaging System

FALCON II™ Wide-Field Raman Chemical Imaging System

The FALCON II is the only Wide-field Raman Chemical Imaging System optimized for both chemical imaging and spectroscopy. It employs high throughput liquid crystal-based imaging technology and Electron Multiplication Charge Coupled Device (EMCCD) cameras for Wide-field Hyperspectral Imaging.

The FALCON II Offers:

Using the FALCON II system, users can obtain chemical images that detail material morphology, composition, structure, size and concentration. The FALCON II is designed with a modular configuration which allows you to add other imaging capabilities such as Near-IR or Fluorescence to your current instrument.

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Attention CRO’s, Innovators, Researchers And Scientists

Chemical Imaging Technology has been identified by the DOD, FDA, NIST, National Research Council and the U.S. Chemical Industry as a “key 21st Century technology area.”

For contract research organizations, innovators, researchers and scientists, our technology and solutions deliver the results you need to make new discoveries and move products to market. Whether it’s sizing a particle or determining a tablet’s blend uniformity, we have the instrumentation and intuitive software you need to succeed.

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