Comprehensive Chemical Imaging Training

Our training program and short courses are hands-on, practical studies of the dynamic imaging technology you’ve chosen to help realize your vision. For scientists, chemists, material specialists, researchers, innovators—even decision-makers in charge of purchasing—ChemImage training and short courses reveal the power and possibilities of Chemical Imaging platforms.

Our customers participate in a thorough three-day training program using our imaging technology that covers practical and theoretical training. This approach shows your staff how to best acquire and analyze information for their chemical and biomedical analytical applications.

General Training Course

Three-day course that includes both theoretical and practical training to demonstrate how to best acquire and analyze information.


Specialized Short Course

One-half day to a full-day intensive training course with special, detailed emphasis on Raman Chemical Imaging applications.

The ChemImage training center includes ChemImage hardware systems and PCs operating ChemImage-designed software used to control the technology. ChemImage Application Scientists design, facilitate and manage each training session to ensure that customers understand and can easily use our systems when they return to their site.

Additional training and support is also available on an as-needed basis, including customized training on-demand to narrowly target specific applications or industries. For additional information, use our contact form.