Chemical Imaging Resources And Information

The ChemImage Resource Library is an accessible tool that becomes even more accessible (and useful) as your need or professional interest grows. On this page, you will find application notes, technical data, case studies and more—detailing our chemical imaging products, Raman chemical imaging success stories, and our industry applications—all ready for download or viewing with a single click.

An informative, detailed library of case-by-case scenarios for ChemImage technology—searchable across particle sizing, anatomic pathology, forensic and threat detection applications.
Comprehensive summations of our chemical imaging products and software solutions, including capabilities, applications, and hardware/software technical specifications.
Finely detailed scientific abstract and poster-sized presentation of step-by-step chemical imaging applications. Includes abstract, methodology, justification, results and conclusion.
Accessible links and downloads of publications that discuss or reference ChemImage technology, and published articles written in part or in total by our staff.
Video overviews, tutorials and presentations that will help give you a better understanding of our technology and how it can be applied to your industry.

Seeking more information, or looking for a particular resource not found here? Please send a request to our Chemical Imaging Resources team.