Our Technology

ChemImage imaging technology develops patented, liquid crystal-based Multi-conjugate Filters (MCF) as a key technology for hyperspectral imaging sensors that touch all lines of business.

The MCF is a tunable optical filter comprised of stages of liquid crystal cells, polarizers and retarders. It is electronically controlled and designed to transmit one specific selected wavelength of light at a time. In operation, it can be tuned in small increments over a series of wavelengths. Functioning as image spectrometers, IMT products are utilized in commercially available ChemImage hyperspectral imaging instrumentation. This non-destructive technology enables users to discover correlations between the performance of a product, material compositions and stability criteria in real time information.


Our technology is currently used by forensic scientists, contract research organizations, pharmaceutical developers, medical researchers, and across the US Government to further discovery in forensics, anatomic pathology,pharmaceuticals and threat detection.

For compete information on our chemical imaging technology—including technical specifications, applications, data sheets and downloads—please visit our chemical imaging product pages.