ChemImage Corporation Demonstrates Real-Time Tissue Visualization and Detection During Endoscope in vivo Testing

Successful in vivo testing demonstrates dramatic advances in reagentless intraoperative imaging technology for real-time advanced visualization and detection of tissue anatomic structures

ChemImage Corporation, a leader in molecular chemical imaging (MCI) technology, announced today demonstration of its intraoperative imaging technology for real-time visualization and detection of critical tissue anatomic structures during endoscope guided surgery. The company’s technology enables precise detection without contrast agents, and has the potential to reduce surgical time, patient risk, and the need for repeat surgeries.

ChemImage scientists, working in close collaboration with surgeons, have performed extensive research and testing to develop an intraoperative endoscope for the detection of tumor margins and anatomic structures in real-time.  The company, in collaboration with surgeons from Allegheny General Hospital, recently completed the third successful in vivo surgery in a pre-clinical model using its intraoperative molecular chemical imaging endoscope. Surgical testing revealed successful visualization and discrimination of lymph nodes, ureters, vessels, nerves and tissue perfusion versus tissue backgrounds, under relevant in vivo detection conditions.

In addition to anatomic structure detection, ChemImage has also demonstrated real-time tumor detection in ex vivo and in vivo pre-clinical models, and soon will be evaluating real-time tumor detection in more complex pre-clinical models.  "The advancement of MCI technology to real-time visualization and detection, represents next generation intraoperative decision-making capability that will allow surgeons to detect critical tissue structures and identify the margins of an invading tumor while still inside the operating room," explains Patrick J. Treado, PhD; Founder and CTO of ChemImage. "Our intraoperative imaging endoscope is positioned to help guide tumor resection which we believe will lead to better surgical outcomes and improved patient care."

For physicians and hospital systems, the potential of MCI to differentiate between normal and atypical tissue will have significant clinical impact.  A surgeon who has the ability to see healthy versus cancerous tissue in real-time has the opportunity to stop recurrence by removing all unhealthy tissue and establish clean surgical margins in difficult-to-see surgical scenarios. 

"This is innovative work that shows the potential for intraoperative imaging technology which gives unprecedented visualization capabilities when performing tumor resection surgery," said Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, President of ChemImage Corporation. "The platform provides surgeons a full awareness of what is happening inside the body while in surgery, which is a pressing and unmet clinical need."

Addressing such an important unmet need is of great interest to the medical community, and the Wall Street Journal recently published an article highlighting the surgical benefits of advanced visualization on May 29, 2018. The article highlights the work of surgeons who are excited to see advancements in the technology as it will allow them new visibility of tumor margins while in the operating room. Read the full article here:

The ChemImage intraoperative imaging technology platform is currently protected by multiple issued and pending patents, including ChemImage’s most recent patent application to publish, “Molecular Chemical Imaging Endoscopic Imaging Systems.”  This intellectual property is one of 34 patents that the company holds in the intraoperative imaging space out of an overall patent portfolio of 178 patents, and supports the ChemImage Awareness of Things™ technology platform.

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