ChemImage Introduces Unique Technology to Detect The Unseen

New VeroVision Threat Detector identifies potential threats from a safe distance

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania,  September 21, 2018 — ChemImage proudly introduces an innovative solution that can help keep the men and women on the front lines of security and defense safe from potential threats. The VeroVision Threat Detector can detect explosives, chemicals and narcotics at a standoff distance. Safety and security professionals face a variety of threats in their day-to-day activities and ChemImage’s technology offers agencies and organizations a unique opportunity to detect potential threats at a standoff distance of up to 20 meters.  Implemented as part of a layered security approach, the Threat Detector can alert you to a threat faster and further away from the target.  Faster detection allows more time to consider options and responses before engaging additional resources.


“ChemImage understands the risks safety and security professionals face and we are striving to develop solutions that assist in helping to make the world safer,” says Patrick Treado, Chief Technology Officer, ChemImage.  “By partnering with defense, law enforcement, government and private organizations on the cutting edge of security, we continue to develop technology to drive next-generation threat detection solutions.”    


The proliferation of bomb-making knowledge and the wide-spread opioid epidemic has intensified, which has increased exposure to dangerous materials for law enforcement. The VeroVision Threat Detector works in a variety of applications such as event security, fixed and temporary vehicle checkpoints and crime scenes. One-click detection allows the user to quickly scan and detect potential threats on the surface of a stationary target. Detections of potential threats are then displayed in a simple interface that also allows the user to generate a report.  This is a safe, passive operation for users and bystanders without the need for lasers or chemical reagents.

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ChemImage Corporation is committed to making the world healthier and safer through dramatic advancements in chemical imaging technologies.  The company's proprietary, state-of-the-art chemical imaging sensors, algorithms and analysis software enable defense organizations, homeland security agencies, forensic science laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, automotive companies, life sciences, medical device and companies to solve the world’s most challenging health and safety issues.  With performance leading chemical imaging technology, ChemImage strives to provide people all over the world with an Awareness of Things™ (AoT™), giving a new level of situational awareness to people in their everyday lives.  For more information, visit

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