ChemImage Launches Presumptive Identification Feature for VeroVision Mail Screener

ChemImage has launched a new Presumptive Identification feature for their VeroVision™ Mail Screener product. The VeroVision Mail Screener, which was introduced to the corrections market in April 2015, is a non-contact imaging device designed to detect concealed narcotics that are sent through the mail to inmates. Chemimage will debut the VeroVision Mail Screener's presumptive identification capability at the upcoming American Correctional Association 146th Congress of Corrections in Boston, MA, from August 5th -10th, 2016. The VeroVision Mail Screener's current detection and new presumptive identification capabilities will be demonstrated at the exhibit at booth #405.

The ChemImage VeroVision Mail Screener features a simple, one-click user interface that allows the operator to quickly and efficiently scan mail. Within seconds, the presence of an illicit drug and/or common cutting agent that may be hidden in a mail item is confirmed. And now, not only will the system detect the illicit material; it will give you a presumptive identification of what that material is. These detections/presumptive identifications are presented to the user in a simple interface which allows for report generation, inclusive of images.

In addition to demonstrating the Mail Screener's detection capability and officially introducing its Presumptive Identification capability, as a part of the expo, ChemImage is hosting a hospitality event after sessions on Monday, August 8th, 2016 at Kings in Boston. Attendees to the expo have been invited to the event for a fun-filled night of games, amusement, and other surprises to celebrate our continued success with the VeroVision Mail Screener and the launch of the Presumptive Identification feature.

About ChemImage Corporation

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