ChemImage Offers State-of-the-Art Explosive Threat Detection Technology for Law Enforcement and Event Venues

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, January 14, 2021 — Pittsburgh-based ChemImage proudly offers VeroVision® Threat Detector (VVTD), an innovative solution that can assist law enforcement in detecting explosive threats before an incident occurs.  We have also introduced a Vehicle Screening Service for use at event venues to help keep event spectators, participants, and staff safe from vehicle-borne explosive threats. VVTD is the world’s only standoff hyperspectral imaging system for explosive residue detection.  Implemented as part of a layered security approach, the Threat Detector can alert to a threat faster and further away from the target.  Faster detection allows more time to consider options and responses before engaging additional resources.

“ChemImage understands the risks and challenges safety and security professionals face and we are striving to develop solutions that assist in helping to keep our communities safe,” says Rebecca Schuler, Product Manager, ChemImage.  “By partnering with defense, law enforcement, government and private organizations on the cutting edge of security, we continue to develop technology to drive next-generation threat detection solutions.”

The proliferation of bomb-making knowledge has intensified, which has led to an increased risk of explosive-based terror activity. Recent events such as those in Washington D.C., as well as the vehicle-borne IED that exploded in Nashville injuring eight people, causing considerable property damage, and disrupting communications illustrate how important it is to stop these threats before the destructive plans can be carried out

Often times, perpetrators leave behind explosive residue on the surface of objects they handle during their bomb-making activity, such as vehicle door-handles, tailgates, trunks, etc.  The VeroVision Threat Detector allows users to quickly scan and detect potential threats on the surface of a stationary object while keeping a safe distance from the threat. Detections are then displayed in an interface, giving the user actionable intelligence.  VVTD utilizes passive operation (doesn’t require lasers or chemical reagents) that is safe for users and bystanders.

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