ChemImage Partners With Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute to Develop Conformal Imaging Technology for Real-time on-the-move Detection

ChemImage Corporation has entered into a collaborative partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science and its Robotics Institute, focusing on ChemImage's Dual Polarization Conformal Imaging (DPCI) sensor technology for ground vehicle operation. 

The two groups will integrate DPCI technology into a robotic platform to evaluate the performance of DPCI when enabled with algorithms for real-time on the move (OTM) autonomous detection. DPCI real-time hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology is showing promise as a viable architecture for adaptive, real-time, multivariate hyperspectral imaging of targets in complex backgrounds under variable lighting conditions, and may be a new class of sensors for autonomous operation.

"ChemImage is eager to collaborative with CMU's Robotics Institute. This partnership will enable a rigorous assessment of the DPCI hyperspectral imaging technology for robotics," says Dr. Matthew Nelson, Chief Scientist at ChemImage Corporation. "CMU's research leadership in robotics will enable us to accelerate the advancement DPCI as a new important class of autonomous sensor technology."

"ChemImage's hyperspectral imaging sensor is unique and has intriguing possibilities for vehicular applications," said Srinivasa Narasimhan, associate professor of robotics, who will lead the study at CMU along with Robotics Institute Director Martial Hebert. "We are excited about designing new computer vision algorithms for this sensor."

Hyperspectral imaging systems can provide sensitive and specific detection and identification of high value targets in the presence of complex backgrounds. However, HSI systems typically are costly and often designed and configured for specific mission profiles. As a result, HSI systems have challenges adapting to rapidly evolving and dynamic missions.

If DPCI technology can provide acceptable detection performance, and be produced at moderate cost, it has the potential to be a transformative technology in the field of robotics. ChemImage and CMU researchers will explore the capabilities and limitations of DPCI technology at a fundamental level, and assess potential deployment across strategic robotics applications. 

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