ChemImage Researchers Use Raman Molecular Imaging to Distinguish Between Renal Oncocytoma and Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma

Researchers at ChemImage have demonstrated an ability to differentiate Renal Oncocytoma (ONC) and Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma (ChRCC) kidney tumors using Raman Molecular Imaging (RMI). These tumors occasionally possess overlapping histological features that may cause confusion in diagnosis using conventional testing methods. 

In an 88-patient study, recently published in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, researchers developed a partial least squares discriminant analysis model generated from Raman molecular images collected using ChemImage's Falcon II Raman system and found evidence that Raman spectral features could be correlated with the molecular composition and structure associated with the disease state of the tissue. The results of the study showed RMI's ability to distinguish between ONC and ChRCC with 86% sensitivity and 81% specificity.

"ONC is a benign tumor, whereas ChRCC has the potential to become malignant," said Shona Stewart, PhD, Senior Scientist at ChemImage. "If a tissue biopsy is inconclusive using conventional histopathological techniques, patients with a benign tumor may be subjected to more aggressive and invasive treatment than is required. The use of RMI would have the potential to aid clinicians in making a more definitive diagnosis and determining the proper course of treatment for the patient." 

Based on the positive results of this initial study, RMI has the potential to assist in not only diagnosis of ChRCC, but also in other cases which may prove difficult with current histological techniques.

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