ChemImage Unveils New Equipment for Forensic Document Examination

ChemImage, a leader in hyperspectral and chemical imaging technology, is pleased to announce the release of their new product, the HSI Examiner 100 QD, for examination of forensic documents.  This product is being unveiled today at the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners 2009 Annual Meeting in Dearborn, Michigan.

The HSI Examiner 100 QD is a new hyperspectral imaging tool, based on liquid crystal filter technology, designed for forensic document examiners to aid in the identification of altered, forged or counterfeited documents.  These documents may include employment documentation, medical records, personal wills, financial records, personal checks, travel documents and more.

“We are excited to put the HSI Examiner out in the market,” said John Belechak, Chief Operating Officer, at ChemImage.  “This product will enable forensic document examiners to utilize a new, state-of-the-art tool that provides very useful information, yet doesn’t require them to be a Ph.D. chemist.  The product was designed to meet the needs of users at a price they can afford.”

A number forensic labs and federal agencies have already adopted ChemImage’s hyperspectral imaging technology and have used it in case work.  One such case includes the investigation of two members of an organized crime ring who were tried and convicted in connection with three 2004 home invasions/robberies committed in New York state.  Document examiners at a federal agency utilized ChemImage’s hyperspectral imaging equipment during the investigation to look at biological stains on bank notes found in the victim’s home as well as on the suspects.

“Hyperspectral imaging has been available for forensic applications for a number of years now, but the technology has not been as widely adopted due to the complexity and high cost,” said Belechak.  “We are addressing these challenges with this new, lower cost product.  The HSI Examiner has been packaged so that users can capitalize on the powerful ink discrimination and visualization capabilities while still feeling comfortable testifying about it in the courtroom.”

The new HSI Examiner 100 QD system provides document examiners with better sensitivity and advanced detection capabilities in comparison to other equipment in the market.  This product uniquely offers better accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and courtroom presentation capabilities so that document examiners can have increased confidence in their results, decrease the number of backlogged cases, and present evidence and information in a meaningful way to jurors.

The HSI Examiner 100 QD is a hyperspectral imaging system based on liquid crystal filter technology, providing increased spectral resolution in comparison to conventional forensic imaging technology.  This improved spectral resolution provides the basis for the increased discrimination and contrast enhancement capabilities. The HSI Examiner 100 QD system is powered by a software package that was designed specifically for a forensic document examiner.  

About ChemImage Corporation

ChemImage Corporation is a Pittsburgh based company committed to making the world healthier and safer through dramatic advancements in chemical imaging technology. The company combines proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging sensors, algorithms and analytical software to solve the world's most challenging health and safety issues.

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