Prediction of Prostate Cancer Progression Possible With Hyperspectral Imaging

A study conducted by scientists at ChemImage Corporation, in partnership with a well-known U.S. medical research and treatment center, revealed that Raman Molecular Imaging (RMI), a type of hyperspectral imaging, has great potential in predicting the progression of prostate cancer.

Blinded samples from 38 patients with Gleason score 7 prostate cancer were evaluated using RMI, an emerging technology that combines digital imaging and molecular spectroscopy to analyze chemically different materials. Half of these patients progressed to a metastatic form of the disease, while the other half had no evidence of it after treatment.

RMI was successful in distinguishing the chemical differences of patients who progressed to the metastatic state in comparison to those who had no sign of the cancer.

“The results we’ve experienced thus far with RMI are encouraging,” said John Maier, Vice President of Biomedical Research at ChemImage. “We plan on continuing this research on prostate cancer, as we investigate the application of RMI to other cancers such as lung and kidney.”

Complete results of this study will be published in the August 11 issue of the British Journal of Urology International, an internationally distributed peer-reviewed journal focused on urology, in an article titled “Raman spectral imaging of prostate cancer: can Raman molecular imaging be used to augment standard histopathology?”

For more information regarding ChemImage’s work on prostate cancer, click here.

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