Based in Ohio, ChemImage’s Filter Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of liquid crystal-based Multi-conjugate Filters (MCF) that power the molecular chemical imaging innovations of ChemImage.

An MCF is a tunable optical filter comprised of stages of liquid crystal cells, polarizers and retarders. It is electronically controlled and designed to transmit one specific selected wavelength of light at a time. In operation, it can be tuned in small increments over a series of wavelengths.  

ChemImage manufactures spectrally tunable optical filters that leverage proprietary liquid crystal technology to cover visible, near infrared (IR), and short wave IR ranges. These provide remarkable image-based chemical analysis capabilities.

MCFs from ChemImage have virtually unlimited potential to help improve the health and safety of the world around us.

When paired with our proprietary analytical software, multi-conjugate filters represent non-destructive sampling technology that enables users to discover correlations between the performance of a product, material compositions, and stability criteria in real time.

In other words, MCFs from ChemImage give us revolutionary new ways to interpret information from real-time images within biomedical, pharmaceutical, forensic and threat detection applications.