ChemImage is developing intraoperative endoscope technology for the real-time detection of tumor margins and anatomic features in the presence of obscuration during surgical procedures.

Intended for patients undergoing tumor resection or other surgical procedures, during which obstructed views commonly occur, our endoscope technology uses molecular chemical imaging and advanced algorithms so surgeons can visualize critical anatomic tissues and detect diseased tissues in real-time.

Broadly applicable to all types of minimally invasive and robotic surgeries, ChemImage molecular chemical imaging technology is being developed to provide:

  • Real-time imaging without the use of contrast agents
  • Anatomic critical structure visualization and detection during endoscopic guided surgery
  • Tumor margin detection

Our molecular chemical imaging solution enables precise detection without contrast agents – in real-time. When validated, it has the potential to reduce surgical time, patient risk, and the need for repeat surgeries.

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