ChemImage is developing intraoperative endoscope technology for reagentless detection of tumor margins and tissue anatomic structures in real-time and in the presence of obscuration during surgical procedures.

Broadly applicable to all types of minimally invasive and robotic surgeries, ChemImage molecular chemical imaging technology provides:

  • Real-time imaging without the use of contrast agents
  • Tissue anatomic structure visualization and detection during endoscopic guided surgery
  • Tumor margin detection

Our molecular chemical imaging (MCI) solution enables precise detection without contrast agents – in real-time. When validated, it has the potential to reduce surgical time, patient risk, and the need for repeat surgeries.

Obscured Uterine Blood Vessel

Exposed Ureter

Simultaneous Multi-Target Detection of Prostate Nerve & Neurovascular Bundle

Simultaneous Multi-Target Detection of Obscured Ureter & Blood Vessel

Our technology platform provides surgeons a greater awareness of what is happening inside the body while performing surgery, which is an important unmet clinical need. Recent surgical testing revealed successful visualization and discrimination of lymph nodes, ureters, vessels, nerves and tissue perfusion versus tissue backgrounds, under relevant in vivo detection conditions. In the videos above, ChemImage has demonstrated:

  • Uterine blood vessels in the presence of obscuration;
  • Exposed ureter;
  • Simultaneous multi-target detection of prostate nerves and neurovascular bundle;
  • Simultaneous multi-target detection of ureter and blood vessels in the presence of obscuration. 

MCI technology is the first of its kind for reagentless, real-time detection and visualization of anatomic structures without the use of dyes, and these pre-clinical studies represent an important milestone in the development of our technology platform.

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