Add efficiency to the pathology lab. We’re developing a tool that quickly evaluates anatomical structures and tumor margins of the whole tissue without the need for dyes or fixing agents.

Correct diagnosis and treatment of a patient depends on proper handling and processing of specimens and timely results.

We are leveraging our patented Molecular Chemical Imaging technology and proprietary software to develop a tool for faster and more accurate tissue assessment. The results are better image capture, annotation, and measurement capability.

Innovation for Improved Patient Outcomes:

  • In a study done by the College of American Pathologists involving 700 laboratories worldwide, it was found that 90% of FS block turn-around times were within 20 minutes, measured from the time the pathologists received the frozen section specimens to the time that the pathologists returned the frozen section diagnosis to surgeons.
    Inter-institutional comparison of frozen section turnaround time. A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes study of 32868 frozen sections in 700 hospitals.
  • The frozen section process takes about 5-10 minutes (This is just to prepare the slides once the tissue comes in from the OR. The time the pathologist takes to study it under the microscope and arrive at a diagnosis is in addition to this.) 
    Jaafar, Hasnan. “Intra-operative frozen section consultation: concepts, applications and limitations.” The Malaysian journal of medical sciences : MJMS vol. 13,1 (2006): 4-12.

The Solution:

  • Rapid gross analysis of diseased area(s) of tissue
  • Utility in decreasing the time required to move specimens from gross cutting to slide prep
  • Potential to make tumor margins and diseased tissues “visible” in situ and real-time to minimally disrupt workflow