Entry control points, hasty checkpoints, border crossings and sensitive targets face constant threats from chemical and explosive agents. Force protection and active security are vital to military and defense personnel.

For decades, ChemImage has been working to help make the world safer by developing and deploying standoff threat detection technology that adapts quickly to the environment and supports a variety of missions and mission-critical challenges.

Military and defense personnel face tremendous challenges. ChemImage strives to provide products that can help alleviate the burden of keeping soldiers and the civilians they protect, safer. We are a proven leader in wide field, molecular chemical imaging-based optical sensors that can rapidly detect and identify a variety of hazardous materials from a safe standoff distance. 

Our Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging technology is driven by our proprietary multi-conjugate filters, and powered by innovative software platforms. 

Next Generation Standoff Threat Detection

Our VeroVision™ products provide superior discrimination and visualization capabilities for chemical, explosive and narcotic threat detection across a wide range of military and defense applications. As part of a comprehensive layered security posture, these threats can be detected from a safer standoff distance.

By supplying military and defense with next generation molecular chemical imaging technology, we can help U.S. forces maintain a competitive advantage, protect costly equipment, and most importantly, safeguard the lives of soldiers and civilians alike.